08 June 2022

Steering Committee Meeting and SG2 LEAPS meeting

For the first time after the Corona pandemic, a FELs of Europe Steering Committee (FoE SC) meeting took place in a hybrid format at the European XFEL in Schenefeld/Hamburg on 8 June 2022. The SC ... more »
06 May 2022

Workshop on Selected Problems in FEL Physics: From soft X-rays to THz

From 25 to 27 April 2022, for two full days, a newly established workshop took place in Dresden: The “FELs of Europe Topical Workshop on Selected Problems in FEL Physics: from soft X-rays to ... more »
07 April 2022

FoE award 2022 given to Jérémy Rouxel at SRI 2021

During the SRI2021 Conference, the FELs of Europe Award 2022 on “Development or innovative use of advanced instrumentation in the field of FELs” for young researchers was given to Jérémy ... more »
06 April 2022

SRI 2021 online conference 28 March - 1 April 2022

The SRI2021 Conference took place in the time between March 28 and April 1, 2022. It was organised jointly by DESY and European XFEL and had originally been scheduled for the last summer. However, ... more »
04 August 2021

FELs of Europe - new chair appointed

It is our pleasure to inform you about a change in the FELs OF EUROPE organisation. Michele Svandrlik's term as chair of the FELs OF EUROPE Steering Committee ended on June 30, 2021, after serving ... more »
22 February 2021

FELs of Europe tutorials started on 1 March 2021

The Science@FELs 2020 conference, the first online Science@FELs, was accompanied by a small number of focus tutorials led by eminent FEL scientists and specifically addressing younger members ... more »

26 January 2021

Shaken, not stirred: a recipe for spin switching

For the first time, an international team of scientists demonstrates switching of magnetization by triggering the vibrations of crystal lattice. Their work is published in Nature ... more »
01 December 2020

PhotonDiag 2020 online workshop

The 5th FELs OF EUROPE conference on photon diagnostics, instrumentation and beamline design, was planned to take place at the Paul Scherrer Institute in Villigen, Switzerland, from 26 to 28 ... more »
22 September 2020

Science@FELs 2020 virtual conference attracted record attendance

The Science@FELs conference is organised biannually by the 'FELs of Europe' collaboration and has evolved into one of the most important international conferences in free-electron laser (FEL) ... more »
10 September 2020

European XFEL user operation restart

Remote participation to be the routine
European XFEL has started the user-experiments of the second run in 2020. Fewer users than usual will be on-site, with a majority participating in the ... more »
05 June 2020

Drug identification: cooperation with UvA and National Police

The global synthetic drug market has been rapidly expanding to include many novel psychoactive substances (NPS). These designer drugs have chemical structures closely related to ‘traditional’ ... more »
19 May 2020

Seven at one pulse

New material acts as an efficient frequency multiplier more »
04 May 2020

HMFL- FELIX Roadmap Grant

HFML-FELIX has been awarded 15.1 million euros for the development of advanced instrumentation and new experimental techniques. The grant is part of The National Roadmap for Large-Scale Research ... more »
14 January 2020

Unique insight in the evolution of molecules in interstellar space

Unique insight in the evolution of molecules in interstellar space more »
25 November 2019

Buckyballs in space – The IR spectrum of protonated buckminsterfullerene C60H+

Although fullerenes have long been hypothesized to occur in interstellar environments, their actual unambiguous spectroscopic identification is of more recent date.FELIX researchers have recorded ... more »
20 November 2019

Steering Committee Meeting at PSI, Switzerland

The Paul Scherrer Institut (Villigen - PSI) hosted on 20 and 21 November 2019 the meeting of the Steering Committee (SC) of FELs of Europe (FoE). Representatives of 9 FoE partners attended the SC ... more »
26 August 2019

FEL conference in Hamburg

Members of the Steering Committee representing FELs of Europe at the FEL2019 conference from 26-30 August 2019 in Hamburg. more »
17 May 2019

Publication at Nature Photonics

A collaboration with several EU and no-EU laboratories conducted at FERMI in Trieste, Italy has recently resulted in a publication in Nature photonics. The work reports important results for the ... more »
25 March 2019

Steering Committee Meeting at HZB

The Steering Committee (SC) of FELs of Europe (FoE) met in Berlin at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie GmbH (HZB) premises on 25 and 26 March 2019. Representatives of 10 FoE ... more »
15 October 2018

Steering Committee Meeting at Soleil, France

The Steering Committee (SC) of FELs of Europe (FoE) met in Paris at SOLEIL premises on 15 and 16 October 2018. Representatives of 11 FoE partners attended the SC meeting. In his welcome address ... more »
21 September 2018

FELs of Europe Award on Photon Transport and Diagnostics for Jaromír Chalupský

Dr. Jaromír Chalupský, deputy head of the Department of Radiation and Chemical Physics (Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague), was awarded the FELs of Europe Award on ... more »
21 September 2018

PhotonDiag2018 at DESY/European XFEL

The workshop series on FEL Photon Diagnostics, Instrumentation, and Beamline Design, PhotonDiag, is organised regularly by FELs of Europe. Following an international host, LCLS (Linac Coherent ... more »
05 July 2018

Forum on Advances FEL Techniques

Forum on Advanced FEL Techniques in Stockholm 2018, 27-28 June The Forum, being a Satellite event to the Science@FEL conference, gathered around 40 participants in a sunny and warm Stockholm ... more »
05 July 2018

Science@FELs Conference in Stockholm

For the fourth time the Science@FELs conference was organized, this time in Stockholm in the AlbaNova University Center at Stockholm University between 24 and 27 of June. The preceding events took ... more »
12 June 2018

Steering Committee Meeting at Elettra Trieste

The Steering Committee (SC) of FELs of Europe (FoE) met in Trieste on 13 and 14 March 2018. The meeting was held at Elettra, following the LEAPS General Assembly and Coordination Board meetings. ... more »
28 May 2018

First EUV pulses with Echo-Enabled Harmonic Generation at FERMI

First EUV pulses with Echo-Enabled Harmonic Generation at FERMI Echo-Enabled Harmonic Generation (EEHG) has been proposed as an efficient method for extending external seeding ... more »
12 February 2018

European XFEL: operation of second X-ray light source started

ANOTHER IMPORTANT MILESTONE ACHIEVED IN THE DEVELOPEMENT OF THE FACILITIY The second X-ray light source has successfully been taken into operation at European XFEL, the world’s largest X-ray ... more »
24 January 2018

DESY and XFEL Photon Science User Meeting 2018

The joint meeting of users of DESY's research light sources and the European XFEL X-ray laser once again drew a record number of attendees to Hamburg. Some 1200 participants from nearly 100 ... more »
12 January 2018

PhotonDiag2017 - JSR

Dear colleagues In case you are not subscribed to the mailing list of Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, we would like to bring your attention to the special issue of the journal, the proceeding ... more »
14 November 2017

How ‘super-microscopes’ are changing the face of European science

16 organisations representing 19 light sources facilities across Europe gathered to launch the LEAPS initiative and signed an agreement to strengthen their collaboration, in the presence of ... more »
06 October 2017

THz Magneto-Electronics measured by FLARE

The combined research team of the High Field Magnet Laboratory and the FELIX laboratory has observed magnetoquantum oscillations at THz frequencies in a doped semiconductor. Those results have been ... more »
05 October 2017

Steering Committee Meeting at PSI

The Steering Committee (SC) of FELs of Europe (FoE) met in Villigen on 5 and 6 of October 2017. The meeting was hosted by the Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI). Gabriel Aeppli, member of the PSI board ... more »
04 October 2017

First experiments at the European XFEL

First experiments at the European XFEL DESY-led team starts scientific operation of Europe's new X-ray laser A DESY-led team of researchers has successfully started the first scientific ... more »
16 May 2017

SwissFEL - first lasing at a wavelength of 4.1 nm

SwissFEL first Lasing at a wavelength of 4.1 nm The electron beam energy of SwissFEL was recently increased to above 900 MeV by successfully bringing two new accelerating modules into ... more »
04 May 2017

Eurpean XFEL - First Lasing

First Lasing at European XFEL With its first lasing, the European XFEL reaches the last big milestone before the official opening In the metropolitan region of Hamburg, the European XFEL, the ... more »
01 May 2017

FELs of Europe Award 2017

FELs of Europe Award on Photon Transport and Diagnostics for Diling Zhu The LCLS physicist Diling Zhu was awarded the “FELs of Europe Award on Photon Transport and Diagnostics” 2017. ... more »
01 May 2017


PhotonDiag 2017 at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Free electron lasers (FEL) for the soft and hard X-ray range are fourth generation light sources capable of producing high ... more »
19 April 2017

FELs of Europe Steering Comittee Meeting

The Steering Committee of FELs of Europe (FoE) met in Hamburg on 19 and 20 of April 2017. The first day the meeting was hosted by the European XFEL at the Schenefeld premises, the second day by ... more »
25 January 2017

FELs of Europe Whitebook

The present Whitebook is a common document of the FELs of Europe consortium. It presents a science case for the ensemble of European Free Electron Laser (FEL) facilities as a whole, illustrating by ... more »
25 January 2017

DESY and XFEL Photon Science Users’ Meeting 2017

The joint users' meeting of the DESY research light sources and the X-ray laser European XFEL attracted more participants than ever before. Around 1,100 scientists from more than 70 institutions ... more »
05 December 2016

SwissFEL Inauguration

On 5 December 2016, the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI held an inauguration ceremony for its new large-scale research facility SwissFEL, with Johann N. Schneider-Ammann, President of the Swiss ... more »
01 November 2016

Eucall Annual Meeting

The European Cluster of Advanced Laser Light sources (EUCALL), a European Union-funded project that aims to foster links between accelerator- and laser-driven X-ray facilities, has completed the ... more »
01 October 2016

FLASH observes exploding xenon nanoparticles

09 September 2016

Science@FELs conference in Trieste, Italy

Free Electron Laser (FEL) are fourth generation light sources capable of producing high brightness light pulses, ten billion times more intense than those emitted by synchrotrons, and of very short ... more »
30 August 2016

Shape of ‘molecular graphene’ determines electronic properties

Infrared spectroscopic studies reveal electronic differences in polycyclic hydrocarbons with zigzag and armchair edge structures Polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) form an important class of ... more »
09 June 2016

Infrared ion spectroscopy, another dimension in mass spectrometry

Infrared ion spectroscopy, another dimension in mass spectrometry: application to the structural characterization of ETD generated peptide fragments more »
21 December 2015

First electrons accelerated in European XFEL

Major milestone for international research facility A crucial component of the European XFEL has taken up operation: The so-called injector, the 45-metre long first part of the superconducting ... more »
29 October 2015

EUCALL Start-up and Kick Off Meeting

In October, the European Cluster of Advanced Laser Light Sources (EUCALL) project officially started and EUCALL’s Kick-Off meeting took place during 29-30 October at the Centre for Free ... more »
26 August 2015

New FELs of Europe Management

As of 1st July 2015, FELs OF EUROPE have a new management. The term of the first Chair of the collaboration, Josef Feldhaus from DESY in Hamburg, Germany, ended after three years. Rafael Abela, ... more »
25 June 2015

Collaboration with LASERLAB-EUROPE

FELs OF EUROPE and LASERLAB-EUROPE, the Integrated Initiative of European Laser Research Infrastructures, decided to work closer together in the future. In October 2014, the two networks signed a ... more »
08 June 2015

PhotonDiag 2015 Conference

The 2nd International Workshop on FEL Photon Diagnostics, Instrumentation, and Beamlines Design was held from 8 to 10 June, 2015 at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in ... more »
31 March 2015

Umbrella MoU Signed by 14 Parties

Umbrella is the pan-European federated identity system for the users of the large-scale European photon and neutron facilities. This IT platform offers for the first time an EU-wide, unique and ... more »
01 December 2014

Magnetic Fields and Lasers Elicit Graphene Secret

Scientists at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) have studied the dynamics of electrons from the “wonder material” graphene in a magnetic field for the first time. This led to the ... more »
22 October 2014

19th Steering Committee meeting of FELs OF EUROPE

The 19th meeting of the steering committee (SC) of FELs OF EUROPE was held on 17-18 September 2014 at Park Hotel in Bad Zurzach, Switzerland, hosted and organized by Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI). ... more »
22 October 2014

2nd International Science@FELs 2014 Conference

The 2nd International Conference on Science at Free Electron Lasers (Science@FELs) took place on the 15-17 September 2014 at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), Villigen, Switzerland, bringing ... more »
03 July 2014

Scientists watch molecular footballs explode

Using intense X-ray flashes, scientists have watched tiny molecular footballs explode. The molecules called buckminsterfullerenes or buckyballs for short are made of 60 carbon atoms and ... more »
18 June 2014

X-rays probe structure of liquid water at minus 46 degrees

Using the world's strongest X-ray laser, an international team of scientists has probed the internal structure of super-cooled liquid water at minus 46 degrees Celsius for the first time. The ... more »
09 May 2014

Delayed explosion due to cluster shell

Violent forces are at work during research with free-electron lasers: every single light flash brings the analysed sample to a fast explosion. In the investigation, every femtosecond (a millionth ... more »
08 May 2014

Observing electron clouds, scientists could improve chemical processes

With the help of an X-ray laser, a team of international researchers—including scientists from European XFEL, a new major science facility in the Hamburg metropolitan area, DESY, and the Max ... more »
08 May 2014

Peptides imaged in unprecedented detail in Radboud laser lab

Chemists from Radboud University Nijmegen and the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM) have succeeded in producing detailed 3D structures of selected peptides – the building blocks ... more »
04 April 2014

16th SC meeting

The 16th Steering Committee meeting of the Collaboration of European FEL and SPS facilities took place at Radboud University on 20-21 March 2014 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. This first ... more »
11 March 2014

FLASH spies deep into giant gas planets

Using DESY’s X-ray laser FLASH, researchers took a sneak peek deep into the lower atmospheric layers of giant gas planets such as Jupiter or Saturn. The observations of the team around lead ... more »
06 March 2014

Observed live with x-ray laser: electricity controls magnetism

Data on a hard drive is stored by flipping small magnetic domains. Researchers from the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI and ETH Zurich have now changed the magnetic arrangement in a material much ... more »
28 February 2014

Molecular Ballet under the X-ray Laser

Researchers capture snapshots of free molecules by the light of the free electron laser An international team of researchers has used the world’s most powerful X-ray laser to take snapshots of ... more »
15 February 2014

Novel method opens new paths for experiments with heated samples of biological relevance

Scientists from the Hamburg Center for Free-Electron Laser Science (CFEL) have devised a novel way to boil water in less than a trillionth of a second. The theoretical concept, which has not yet ... more »
12 December 2013

More than half of European XFEL’s undulator segments ready for installation

Out of the total 91 undulator segments, the group has fully tuned 52, which are now in storage and awaiting installation in the facility’s tunnels. Among the completed segments are the 35 needed ... more »
09 December 2013

Electron beam instrumentation for FELs

Frontier fast dynamics science is strongly founded on accelerator-based pulsed photon sources. The longitudinal electron bunch properties play a crucial role to guarantee high performance of the ... more »
30 July 2013

Conceptual Design Report of CLARA test facility has been published

The Conceptual Design Report of the proposed new Free Electron Laser Test Facility, CLARA, has now been published by STFC Daresbury Laboratory. This CDR describes an exciting and ambitious new ... more »
30 July 2013

Seeding Schemes Expert Group kick-off meeting

On the 26 and 27th June 2013, the kick-off meeting of the Seeding Schemes Expert Group took place at Synchrotron SOLEIL, France. The meeting was chaired by the coordinator of this group – Luca ... more »
31 July 2013

European XFEL underground construction completed

An important milestone was reached on Germany’s largest science construction site: the underground civil engineering work for the X-ray laser European XFEL has been completed, and the underground ... more »
30 July 2013

Kick-off meeting: Pulse Length Measurement Expert Group

The kick-off meeting of the Pulse Length Measurement Expert Group took place at DESY Hamburg, from the 10-11 June 2013. This group was established by the Collaboration of European FEL and SPS ... more »
30 July 2013

8th Steering Committee meeting of the Collaboration of European FEL and SPS Facilities, 14 – 15 March 2013 in Frascati, Italy

The Steering Committee of the Collaboration of European FEL and SPS Facilities and FELnet/CALIPSO members met from the 14 – 15th March 2013 at INFN, Frascati, Italy. During this meeting aimed at ... more »