Workshop on Selected Problems in FEL Physics: From soft X-rays to THz

From 25 to 27 April 2022, for two full days, a newly established workshop took place in Dresden: The “FELs of Europe Topical Workshop on Selected Problems in FEL Physics: from soft X-rays to THz”, funded to a large part by FELs of Europe, and organised by Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf (Chair: M. Helm).
For most attendants, this was the first in-person conference after two years of mostly online meetings. Yet the option for online-participation was provided as well, so we ended up with around 40 in-person participants (from Elettra, DESY, EuXFEL, SwissFEL, Max IV, PolFEL, FELIX, HZB, FHI, SOLEIL, and HZDR) and up to 30 online attendants, the latter in particular from China (SXFEL and DCLS) and USA (LCLS). Of the 23 talks, 8 were presented from remote.

While the first one-and-a-half days were held in a hotel downtown Dresden, on the last day, held at HZDR, interested participants had the chance to visit the ELBE superconducting accelerator and FEL after the program was over. The workshop was designed to provide ample time for discussion, which turned out to work well and be very fruitful. Details on the program can be found here.

Overall the workshop was received very well and there was an agreement that it should be followed up perhaps in two years time at another location.