Steering Committee Meeting and SG2 LEAPS meeting

For the first time after the Corona pandemic, a FELs of Europe Steering Committee (FoE SC) meeting took place in a hybrid format at the European XFEL in Schenefeld/Hamburg on 8 June 2022.
The SC committee members enjoyedbeing able to be together and efficiently discussed several topics related to recent and upcoming events as well as budget issues. The outcome of the „FELs of Europe Topical Workshop on Selected Problems in FEL Physics: from Soft X-rays to THz“, held at HZDR from 25 to 27 April 2022 was positively assessed and a decision to establish a regular series of similar workshops organised by different members of the FoE cooperation was taken. In the following, the SC members discussed further steps for the organisation of the “Science@FELs“ conference satellited by the "Forum on Advanced FEL Techniques" in 2022 in Hamburg. Particular attention was paid to the session related to the 10th anniversary of the FoE cooperation to be celebrated during the “Science@FELs“ conference. The FEL of Europe Award for “FEL Science and Applications", which is highly recognised in the community, is also included in this session.

The next day, the meeting of the SC was followed by the meeting of the Strategy Group 2 (SG2) of the LEAPS cooperation, also at the European XFEL, giving the SG2 members a unique possibility to meet the FoE SC and discuss synergies between the two organisations. Several members of the SC participated in the SG2 meeting. In the evening between the two events the members of both committees that were present on-site met informally for a joint dinner, using this opportunity to have a very useful exchange on several important topics of shared interest.