Activities 2018

Summary of FELs OF EUROPE (FOE) activities 2018

Core activities

  • Signature of the FOE Memorandum of Understanding extension for further 6 years
  • 2 Face-To-Face meetings at Elettra in March and at SOLEIL in October 2018
  • 300 power banks and 2 roll-up banners for FOE events produced as PR material
  • Website updated and maintained (


  • SCIENCE@FELs 2018 Conference, 24-27 June in Stockholm; FOE prize awarded to Dr. Jonas Sellberg
  • Satellite event to the SCIENCE@FELs 2018: Forum on Advanced FEL Techniques, 27-28 June in Stockholm
  • PhotonDiag 2018 Workshop, 17-19 September in Hamburg; FOE prize awarded to Dr. Jaromír Chalupský
  • Special issue of Journal of Synchrotron Radiation with 20 selected contributions from PhotonDiag 2018


  • July and December issues of the FOE Newsletter, in an innovative edition
  • 400 copies of the FOE Whitebook on Science with FEL distributed to 24 facilities and laboratories worldwide


  • FOE and LASERLAB EUROPE co-organised the SCIENCE@FELs 2018 conference
  • Participation at the CALIPSOPlus Annual Meeting on 16 May 2018 in Barcelona
  • Participation at the EUCALL event Future Strategies for Research Infrastructure Operation on 6 September 2018 in Brussels
  • FOE support letters provided to national and international initiatives as ADRENALIN, CLARA, ExPaNDS, LUSIA

LEAPS activities

  • FOE contributed to the Appendix to the LEAPS Strategy 2030 document
  • LEAPS Strategy Group on FELs (Strategy Group 2) created
  • Participation at Barcelona (February) and Hamburg (November) LEAPS meetings