Expert Groups

The formation of expert groups is the continuation of a process that was established during the preparatory phase project IRUVX-PP (, with the aim to:

  • Establish long term collaboration between the FEL & SPS facilities in Europe
  • Promote the exchange of ideas, expertise and technology across facilities
  • Facilitate the development of new ideas
  • Provide access to partner facilities

After signing the MoU in 2012, the Steering Committee decided to establish two expert groups:

  • Seeding Schemes (Coordinator: Dr. Luca Giannessi)
  • Pulse Length Measurement (Coordinator: Dr. Stefan Duesterer)

Fig. 1: Seeding Scheme expert group during the kick-off meeting at SOLEIL in June 2013


Fig. 2: Pulse Length Measurement expert group during the kick-off meeting at DESY in June 2013