TARLA (Turkish Accelerator And Radiation Laboratory at Ankara) is located in the town of Gölbasi, near Ankara. The construction of the laboratory building was finished in May 2011. The site also hosts the Institute of Accelerator Technologies (IAT).

TARLA is based on a 40 MeV super conducting electron beam (using two 20 MeV SRF modules) and the electron source is a 300 keV thermionic electron gun. There will be two buncher cavities (260 MHz and 1.3 GHz) to establish the desired time structure. Two undulators of 90 mm and 25 mm period will be installed to form two optical resonators.

The obtained laser light will be delivered to 5 experimental stations. At the current time, the thermionic electron gun has been manufactured and being tested. Contracts for the SRF modules and a He plant were signed in June 2012 and they will be delivered within 24 months. Work on the rest of the beam line is ongoing.

There will also be a 10-40 MeV Bremsstrahlung line in the same facility. TARLA will become operational in 2015 for research using IR FEL and Bremsstrahlung radiation as first facility of the Turkish Accelerator Center (TAC).

Beam parameters


Photon energy [eV]

0.5 - 0.5e-3

Estimated pulse length [fs]

1 - 1k

Repitition rate [MHz]


FEL mode