Activities 2019

Summary of FELs OF EUROPE (FOE) Activities 2019

Core activities

  • 3 Face-To-Face meetings (HZB Berlin in March, at the FEL 19 conference in Hamburg in August, and at PSI in November 2019)
  • New P&R material as memory sticks, with the FOE Whitebook uploaded, ball pens, postcards and a printed version of the FOE newsletter 1/19 have been produced
  • Website updated and maintained (
  • The activities of the FOE expert working groups (seeding, photon pulse length measurement, instrumentation) have been revised and a reorganisation will be pursued, with the goal to focus on the aspects of interest of all FOE partners, in particular those not part of LEAPS
  • July and December issues of the FOE Newsletter published

Events and Dissemination

  • FOE booth with information point at the FEL 19 Conference in Hamburg (26-30 August). It was well attended by the conference delegates and resulted very important for the visibility of the collaboration and for spreading the knowledge about its activities
  • Guidelines for future organisers of FOE events have been provided to ensure uniform organisation of upcoming events
  • Organisation of the SCIENCE@FELs Conference 2020 (14-17 September, Hamburg, DESY and European XFEL) started
  • Forum on Advanced FEL Techniques, approved again as a satellite event to the SCIENCE@FELs 2020
  • Organisation of the PhotonDiag 2020 Workshop (26-28 October at the Paul Scherrer Institut - Villigen) started

Networking, LEAPS activities

  • FOE support letters provided to national and international initiatives as ADRENALIN (Armenia), LUSIA (Sweden), SABINA (Italy)
  • Contribution to the Strategic Initiatives of LEAPS
  • LEAPS Strategy Group on FELs (Strategy Group 2) being further built-up
  • Participation to Diamond (February), Brussels (April) and PSI-Villigen (November) LEAPS meetings