Activities 2019

Summary of FELs OF EUROPE (FOE) Activities 2019

Core activities

  • 3 face-to-face meetings (HZB Berlin in March, at the FEL 19 Conference in Hamburg in August, and at PSI in November) took place
  • New P&R material as memory sticks (with the FOE Whitebook uploaded) ball pens, postcards, and a printed version of the FOE newsletter 1/19 have been produced
  • Website updated and maintained (
  • Activities of the FOE expert working groups (seeding, photon pulse length measurement, instrumentation) have been revised and a reorganisation will be pursued, with the goal to focus on the aspects of interest of all FOE partners, in particular those not part of LEAPS
  • July and December issues of the FOE Newsletter were published

Events and Dissemination

  • FOE booth with information point at the FEL 19 Conference in Hamburg in August. It was well attended by the conference delegates and resulted very important for the visibility of the collaboration and for spreading the knowledge about its activities
  • Guidelines for future organisers of FOE events have been provided to ensure uniform organisation of upcoming events
  • Organisation of the SCIENCE@FELs Conference 2020 (14-16 September, Hamburg, DESY and European XFEL) started
  • Forum on Advanced FEL Techniques, approved again as a satellite event to the SCIENCE@FELs 2020
  • Organisation of the PhotonDiag 2020 Workshop (26-28 October at the Paul Scherrer Institut - Villigen) started

Networking, LEAPS activities

  • FOE support letters provided to national and international initiatives as ADRENALIN (Armenia), LUSIA (Sweden), SABINA (Italy)
  • Contribution to the Strategic Initiatives of LEAPS
  • LEAPS Strategy Group on FELs (Strategy Group 2) being further built-up
  • Participation to Diamond (February), Brussels (April) and PSI-Villigen (November) LEAPS meetings