Collaboration with LASERLAB-EUROPE

FELs OF EUROPE and LASERLAB-EUROPE, the Integrated Initiative of European Laser Research Infrastructures, decided to work closer together in the future. In October 2014, the two networks signed a general collaboration agreement, and in June 2015 representatives of the two parties and of the ELI project had a very constructive and fruitful meeting at Munich Airport to discuss further details.
The meeting was initiated shortly after the decision of the European Commission to fund two H2020 projects in which both FEL and optical laser facilities participate, namely the fourth LASERLAB-EUROPE Integrated Initiative with participation of the FERMI and FELIX facilities, and the EUCALL (European Cluster of Advanced Laser Light Sources) project which includes ELI and European XFEL as well as the two networks. The two EU projects provide an excellent basis for establishing a fruitful long-term collaboration.