FELS OF EUROPE is a collaboration of all free electron laser (FEL) facilities in Europe, with the goal to meet the technological and scientific challenges of these novel and rapidly developing technologies and to provide a worldwide unique, pan-European research infrastructure that enables exploiting the full scientific potential of these unique accelerator based short-pulse light sources. The collaboration is an initiative of the ESFRI projects EuroFEL and European XFEL and includes 14 facilities in 10 countries.


05 June 2020

Drug identification: cooperation with UvA and National Police

The global synthetic drug market has been rapidly expanding to include many novel psychoactive substances (NPS). These designer drugs have chemical structures closely related to ‘traditional’ ... more »
19 May 2020

Seven at one pulse

New material acts as an efficient frequency multiplier more »
04 May 2020

HMFL- FELIX Roadmap Grant

HFML-FELIX has been awarded 15.1 million euros for the development of advanced instrumentation and new experimental techniques. The grant is part of The National Roadmap for Large-Scale Research ... more »
14 January 2020

Unique insight in the evolution of molecules in interstellar space

Unique insight in the evolution of molecules in interstellar space more »
25 November 2019

Buckyballs in space – The IR spectrum of protonated buckminsterfullerene C60H+

Although fullerenes have long been hypothesized to occur in interstellar environments, their actual unambiguous spectroscopic identification is of more recent date.FELIX researchers have recorded ... more »