FELS OF EUROPE is a collaboration of all free electron laser (FEL) facilities in Europe, with the goal to meet the technological and scientific challenges of these novel and rapidly developing technologies and to provide a worldwide unique, pan-European research infrastructure that enables exploiting the full scientific potential of these unique accelerator based short-pulse light sources. The collaboration is an initiative of the ESFRI projects EuroFEL and European XFEL and includes 14 facilities in 10 countries.


15 October 2018

SC Meeting at Soleil, France

The Steering Committee (SC) of FELs of Europe (FoE) met in Paris at SOLEIL premises on 15 and 16 October 2018. Representatives of 11 FoE partners attended the SC meeting. In his welcome address ... more »
21 September 2018

FELs of Europe Award on Photon Transport and Diagnostics for Jaromír Chalupský

Dr. Jaromír Chalupský, deputy head of the Department of Radiation and Chemical Physics (Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague), was awarded the FELs of Europe Award on ... more »
21 September 2018

PhotonDiag2018 at DESY/European XFEL

The workshop series on FEL Photon Diagnostics, Instrumentation, and Beamline Design, PhotonDiag, is organised regularly by FELs of Europe. Following an international host, LCLS (Linac Coherent ... more »
05 July 2018

Forum on Advances FEL Techniques

Forum on Advanced FEL Techniques in Stockholm 2018, 27-28 June The Forum, being a Satellite event to the Science@FEL conference, gathered around 40 participants in a sunny and warm Stockholm ... more »
05 July 2018

Science@FELs Conference in Stockholm

For the fourth time the Science@FELs conference was organized, this time in Stockholm in the AlbaNova University Center at Stockholm University between 24 and 27 of June. The preceding events took ... more »