FELS OF EUROPE is a collaboration of all free electron laser (FEL) facilities in Europe, with the goal to meet the technological and scientific challenges of these novel and rapidly developing technologies and to provide a worldwide unique, pan-European research infrastructure that enables exploiting the full scientific potential of these unique accelerator based short-pulse light sources. The collaboration is an initiative of the ESFRI projects EuroFEL and European XFEL and includes 14 facilities in 10 countries.


01 October 2016

FLASH observes exploding xenon nanoparticles

09 September 2016

Science@FELs conference in Trieste, Italy

Free Electron Laser (FEL) are fourth generation light sources capable of producing high brightness light pulses, ten billion times more intense than those emitted by synchrotrons, and of very short ... more »
30 August 2016

Shape of ‘molecular graphene’ determines electronic properties

Infrared spectroscopic studies reveal electronic differences in polycyclic hydrocarbons with zigzag and armchair edge structures Polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) form an important class of ... more »
09 June 2016

Infrared ion spectroscopy, another dimension in mass spectrometry

Infrared ion spectroscopy, another dimension in mass spectrometry: application to the structural characterization of ETD generated peptide fragments more »
27 January 2016

DESY and XFEL Photon Science Users’ Meeting

European XFEL and DESY Photon Science Users’ Meeting with record participation Registrations pass 1000-mark for the first time On 27–29 January, over 1000 scientists from around the world ... more »