27 January 2016

DESY and XFEL Photon Science Users’ Meeting

European XFEL and DESY Photon Science Users’ Meeting with record participation Registrations pass 1000-mark for the first time On 27–29 January, over 1000 scientists from around the world ... more »
21 December 2015

First electrons accelerated in European XFEL

Major milestone for international research facility A crucial component of the European XFEL has taken up operation: The so-called injector, the 45-metre long first part of the superconducting ... more »
29 October 2015

EUCALL Start-up and Kick Off Meeting

In October, the European Cluster of Advanced Laser Light Sources (EUCALL) project officially started and EUCALL’s Kick-Off meeting took place during 29-30 October at the Centre for Free ... more »
26 August 2015

New FELs of Europe Management

As of 1st July 2015, FELs OF EUROPE have a new management. The term of the first Chair of the collaboration, Josef Feldhaus from DESY in Hamburg, Germany, ended after three years. Rafael Abela, ... more »
25 June 2015

Collaboration with LASERLAB-EUROPE

FELs OF EUROPE and LASERLAB-EUROPE, the Integrated Initiative of European Laser Research Infrastructures, decided to work closer together in the future. In October 2014, the two networks signed a ... more »